Our mission is to uplift expectant parents.

Pregnancy and delivery can be both incredibly exciting and daunting, a time of immense physical and emotional growth. We are deeply committed to offering comprehensive resources, guidance, and products to expectant individuals at every stage of this extraordinary journey.

Our Founder & Birth Story

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Pregnancy Reborn LLC was founded by Grace Zodikoff (RYT®200 Certification & Postpartum Doula) in 2023.

Grace's passion for health and her fascination with the wonders of the human body drew her into the captivating world of pregnancy. She noticed that family and friends often felt overwhelmed with emotions and to-do lists during this special time, which could add stress and cause them to forget how quickly the extraordinary time would pass. Determined to show her support, she searched for gifts and ways to help, but was disappointed by the limited options available in the market.

Reborn was created with the goal of empowering busy women during pregnancy. We offer a wide range of information on nutrition, exercise, common symptoms, planning, and products to help you destress and feel more in control. Think of us as your best friend, older sister, and mom advice all wrapped up in a gift set. Keep in mind that Reborn does not replace medical care. Always consult with your medical team before following any guidance.

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Our Values

  • Mom Obsessed

    While so many are excited to welcome and support the new arrival, we are focused on supporting mom and her miraculous transformation.

  • Here for You

    No two people are the same and neither are any two pregnancies. We celebrate and respect all birth preferences, recognizing the beauty of each pregnancy and birth.

  • Spread Good

    Supporting expectant parents supports and spreads good for the next generation by creating happier homes.

10% of our profits go to nonprofit organizations that spread goodness, such as Every Mother Counts.

Obsessed by the beauty of transformation

We are dedicated to transforming the journey of pregnancy and childbirth for women everywhere. At Reborn, we understand that this phase of life can be both incredibly exciting and daunting. That's why we're here to lend our support, empower women, and guide them through this transformative experience.